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Learning together & exploring every musical opportunity, that's how good musicians are made.
A life long gift of community art, entertainment & fun.


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Music teacher, composer, musician + accompanist

Musicality - Music Lessons - with Dallas Gray


Providing tailored lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  Music can take the student in many directions - playing as a hobby, joining a band, becoming a soloist or a even a songwriter.  Lessons provide a strong set of skills to enable students to become who they want to be in music and throughout their lives.

A.Mus.A. Dip.Mus.

Dallas started early with a guitar in her hands - a life full of music was always meant to be.


With both grandparents being virtuoso pianists Dallas was inspired to play at every available minute. When a piano arrived in the house she started to play songs off the radio, songs off the TV - anything heard was translated to the piano.

Formal lessons in Melbourne ensued under the watchful guidance of Joan Voumard, and Dallas' intuitive playing and natural feel for interpretation led to brilliant AMEB and eisteddfod results as a young pianist, saxophonist and clarinet player.

Since then she has worked in the music industry as a performer in all styles as well as composing, lyric writing & working in music production and events, finding her singing voice and honing her songwriting talent as frontperson for Melbourne band Beautiful Savages as well as writing for musical theatre and solo piano works.

Dallas has over 25 years of experience working with musicians of all ages and genres and has completed a contemporary music diploma focusing on composition, music technology & music education and is also qualified to a professional level in all aspects of training and assessment.


Lessons for all ages. 
An individual approach.
What we offer



Music Theory




Lessons are available at the studio in Burwood Victoria, or in your own home.  Alternatively a school program may start at your school depending on interest in the area.

All lessons are individually tailored to each student.  Students are encouraged to try out new things, write, improvise and perform.


Classically trained with two children of her own, Dallas will ensure that musical training covers all bases for each student depending on the student's agreed path and identified learning requirements. 

AMEB Exams.

​​Performance is encouraged at every skill level.


​A great and exciting way to gain musical confidence and show off your skills to family and friends.  

We aim to put together an exciting concert each year as well as ensuring regular performance at events, or school assembly.  

​​AMEB examinations offer a formal recognition of musical achievement. 

AMEB provides a graded system of examinations
in music and music theory.  Examiners are highly trained specialists in their instrument and offer feedback on technical work, technique, aural skills and of course the series of pieces that the candidate has prepared in the preceding months.

Detailed written reports are issued for all practical exams and the qualifications are recognised as a national benchmark across Australia.

Exams can be especially useful in providing a tangible goal for students as well as defining for them their level of achievement each step of the way from Preliminary to Associate Diploma level.


In school programs.

Timetables are rotational so that children aren't missing their specialist subjects each week, and all parents, teachers and administrators are kept up to date with the term's timetable changes as they occur.  

Regular performances are encouraged at assembly as well as the preparation of at least one group piece each year to encourage further performance.

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