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For kids early experiences with music, the most important goal is to enjoy the process and develop a lifelong love of music while learning all the basic skills.

Where children have a quick aptitude for their chosen instrument, the idea is to keep them challenged!  Fast track programs are the key to keeping those children engaged.  But most of us find that when starting a new instrument (or any new skill) our pace changes from a quick start, to a couple of plateaus along the way. Introducing songs that kids love, especially modern songs that they know, keeps their interest through the tricky times.  

AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) exams can be offered if parents and children would like to formalise the learning.  

The AMEB is part of Melbourne University and has been the foremost in music benchmarks in Australia for nearly 100 years.  Exams in the early years are only short adventures, but when well prepared for, offer kids an opportunity for feedback from experienced ears, along with a formal certificate to mark each grade achieved.





Lessons offer a mix of the following:

Musicianship / theory

Technique development

Ensemble practice / group playing

Standard AMEB syllabus

Contemporary music

All lessons are individually tailored for each student, and offer flexible learning that ensures their goals are met in a fun environment.

"The most important goal is to enjoy the process, and develop a lifelong love of music."




All that's required to get going is an instrument to practice on, and to start with just 5 or 10 minutes a day of hands on practice!  


We aim for one major performance during the year at the end of term two as well as regular performances where possible.  

The confidence gained is immeasurable.


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